"Abbott" and Family
Carol & "Charlie"
"Cinders" & Mary Jo
"Claire," Ginny & Pat
"Cooper." Marisa, and Tim
"Emma" &  her master!
"Fenway" & Family
"Harlow" & Sonja
"Bodie," Victoria. and Keith fly home in
"Bodie's" plane!
"Lucy" with her kids!  ("Monsta!"
catching some of the attention, too!)
"Oliver," Jeannie, and Matt
"Oliver" supervises Thanksgiving
"Rafe" & Marlene
"Emma" & Donna
"Rian." Leta, & Jasmine
"Roxanne," Linda, & Clyde
"Watson," Jane, and "Aunties!"
"William." Sheena, and Paul
Steve, Sue, and "Coby"
Janet & "Slugger"
Craig, Patti, & "Sebastian"
Emerson, Ellery, and "Pruitt"
Darcie and "Nancy"
Julia, Casey, and "Orpheus"
SJ., Fenchurch, and "Edith"
Annie & "Beeru"
Dr. Cynthia & "Morgan"
Deji, Ginger, and "Dolce"
Nadine & "Tia"
Wendy & "Sherman"
Randall, Julie, Asa, Roxanne, and "Tony"
"Dolly" and Kana
Nedra, "Spencer," and family!
Natalie, Andy, "Brio," and Parker
Seth, Merrie, "Eddie,"  and his kids!
Michelle, Richard, & "Luke"
Sandy, Gary, & "Sierra"
Doug, Carmen, & "Atticus"
Jeremy & "Cash"
Rob, Shelly, Elijah, Breeze, Kail, Shiloh, and "Charlie"
Nick, "Fenrir," and Carissa
Linda and "Kody"
Lynn and "Leonardo"
Eden & "Ruby"
Janet & "Tanner"
Andrea & "Penny"
Lynette & "Brenna"
Bonnie & "Dottie"
Seth, Cate, "Eddie", & "Digby"
Sidney, Arlene, & "Rojo"
Jeanne & "Luke"
Stephanie & "Brit"
Kim, Catt, & "Cooper"
Meghan & "Mopar"
Jane, Brad, & "Baxter"
Kimme & "Daisy Mae"
Kate, Craig, & "Joy"
Tim, Lyn & "Eli"
Dale, Diane & "Skippy"
Jason, Lindsay, & "Lewis"
Don, Jan, & "Louie"
Adele & "Tallulah"
Garrett & "Kissy"